Friends of Flora - Future Plans

Mustelid trapping will remain the foundation of our activity for the foreseeable future. And, we will continue:

  • using tracking tunnels to monitor pest numbers and alpine reptiles and wetas,
  • using acoustic monitoring to understand roroa distribution and relative abundance
  • using stream surveys to follow whio breeding success,
  • our programme of replacing our network of ageing traps with double-set boxes in accordance with current best practise.

But we also have plans:

  • to expand the trapping network to cover the north face of Hodder, down into the Grecian Valley. Three or four new lines will be put in. Whio and roroa have already expanded into this area and will benefit from this added protection, as will kaka and other native birds and invertebrates,
  • to develop our alpine programme to monitor flowering of tussock and other key vegetation. We hope to relate this to changes in pest and lizard numbers,
  • to conduct intensive roroa acoustic surveys in a halo around our reintroduced population to learn if it is spreading,
  • to perform surveys and camera surveillance of wetlands and other threatened habitats within the project area to better understand the threats they face,
  • to refresh our forest passerine monitoring to include a 'control' area that does not have stoat trapping.

We are always looking for opportunities that will further our goals and welcome any ideas for projects. In particular we'd love to develop a more effective community engagement programme, but currently lack the capacity. Let us know if you can help.