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The creditable progress that Friends of Flora have made in their special corner of Kahurangi National Park is a legacy from their dedicated team of volunteers that have contributed enthusiasm, skills and time to the betterment of its flora and fauna over many years.

Whilst on-going predator trapping remains uppermost in the list of FOF's priorities, a number of no less significant projects provide an indication of the progress in biodiversity enhancement being achieved. These are more varied during the year, offering a targeted focus on species and location -

Friends of Flora recently introduced a dedicated training trap line, enabling new but inexperienced volunteers to gain confidence in trapping protocols and off-track work, in the varied terrain of the Flora. Following their accreditation they would be expected to work within the various trapping teams, and could progress to becoming a leader on their own line.

Footprint tracking tunnels (FTTS) are utilised as overnight snapshots to monitor rodent and mustelid numbers - particularly important in pre and post beech mast periods.

Survey and monitoring work is usually undertaken as a group, and both contribute to a broadening in environmental knowledge and skills - together with the satisfaction of working with like-minded conservationists.

The alpine monitoring is undertaken during the warmer months on the Arthur Range, and provides a wonderful window to the varied flora, and the karst rock formation, that make this National Park, and the Flora, so special.

If you have the enthusiasm to become a member of the Friends of Flora team, and are prepared to assist with a long-term commitment to contribute towards their work in the National Park, then we would like to hear from you, here.

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