Vollie System Help

Backing up

Get into the habit of backing up the database every time you log on and before you log off. That way, if there is a problem, Gary can restore the database from the last backup.

You can do a backup from the "Admin Main Menu"

FOF people

From the FOF People screen you enter a name or partial name and click search to find all. You may also just click on search to reach the advanced search screen.

For an advanced search, you can enter either a name and/or a set of filters, including:

Last Used:
Is Volunteer:
Is Member:
Is Subscribed:
Is Local:

For example to find all the members of A team with a 4WD select:

Vehicle: 4WD
Team: A team

(leave the other fields set to " - ")

This will produce a list of FOF people and you can select a subset of these by using the tick boxes. You can email that subset by clicking the email button and type the subject and message.

FOF task events

This option allows the creation and management of regular events such as trap line checks.

For most regular events an "event template" will have already been created. This links an event with one or more teams, a team leader and one or more traplines. For example, the event template: "Check C line" will already include the C line team and C line traps.

To create a new event then:

1. Click on "Add via Template" on the top line

2. Select the correct template from the drop down list. (note: if the template does not already exist see the next section on how to create one)

3. Change the date and start/end times to the correct values for the event you are creating. You can also change the line leader if needed. Hit enter - you have now creating a new event.

4. The event will have the default team already shown under "participants". If you want to add or remove vollies from this list you can do so by clicking on team (to add a whole new team) or people or add (or remove) vollies with specific skills.

5. Once you have your vollies selected you can invite them by clicking on the "contact" button. Click proceed under "send invites" and a draft email will appear. Change the heading and message as needed and press send.

Each person will receive an email invite and their "status" will have changed from "draft" to "invited". They can click on the link in the email to say whether they are available or not which will also automatically update their status in the system.

6. You can also change the status of vollies by clicking on the status button. So, for example, if Bill calls to say he is available on that date, you can just change his status manually.

7. Once you have a team ready to go, you can send them a confirmation using the contact button. This changes their status to "selected". If you need to invite more volunteers you can add more people as per step 4 above.

8. If there are any changes to the event or it has to be cancelled you can contact your team via the "send info" and "send cancellation" sections of the contact button.

9. If an event has to rescheduled to a new day (say due to weather) then either send a cancellation to all the selected vollies or manually change their status to "draft". You can then edit the date and time of the event and re-invite the vollies or manually change their status.


Once an event has been completed we can add the trap catch data using the washup button

1. The washup form shows the names of the vollies who attended the event. If any of the selected vollies did not show up on the day just untick their names. Likewise if a vollie turned up on the day you can add them in to the event using the people button and change their status to selected. they will now appear on the washup screen.

2. Set the time to the actual duration of the event and add a comment (eg weather)

3. For all the traps for the event fill out the boxes as appropriate.

Doing a manual washup

If a line leader selects the team manually and fills in an existing monitoring sheet then this can be manually entered into the system as follows:

1. Create an event using the appropriate event template, setting the date to the date on the form (evidently, this will be in the past)

2. Amend the people using the People selection - tick and untick the volunteers who are on the form

3. Set the status of all the people to "Selected" usind the status button

4. The washup function should now be available - click on this

5. Enter the actual hours and any comments and then the trap data as per the sheet.